Baby's first real smile

By | October 10, 2009

Okay guys, Today, I’m on top of the world.

I woke up to see Nisarg already awake and quiet next to me and wanted to spend some quiet time with him. I picked up a rattle and showed it to him, cooing “Good morning!” and some random nonsense. Nisarg stared quietly and very seriously at the rattle, as he licked his left little finger and suddenly bestowed a thousand watt beaming smile complete with toothless gums all the way!. Then he looked at me, gave another brilliant smile and looked back at the rattle.

He’s been smiling on and off when he’s drowsy, but this is the first “intelligent” smile. He went all out with it. What a way to begin smiling, and what a glorious way to begin my day!!!

I wish I had a camera handy to capture this incredible bit of sunshine for today.

BTW, if you are trying to make your little one smile, here is what I did if it helps. Not that it helped when I tried it a couple of hours later…

  • I came into the picture, when he was receptive
  • I was quiet and didn’t overwhelm him
  • I showed him something (interesting is a matter of perspective in this case, I think)
  • I paid attention and was appropriately delighted with his first smile.

 I think, it was basically more about him being ready to smile – his age, state and stimulus.

  • He’s five weeks, so its about the right time for him to begin smiling.
  • He was in a quiet mood, when he didn’t have to worry about hunger or poo or pee or discomfort
  • His favourite person (at least the one he is most used to) was paying him undivided attention and showing something that was interesting without making too loud a noise that worries him (shaking a rattle makes him look, but not much else)

If you’ve found this post because you’re trying to get your little one to smile, good luck!

If you are an experienced parent, do share your ideas for coaxing more smiles….

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