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Baby massage – Research and Tradition

If you live in India and also learn about best practices from the net/books/doctor, its likely that you have the most conflicting opinions when it comes to baby massage and its tough to find out what to do. This is a list of my conflicts and current decisions: Smoke, kajal, powder, etc: Doctors say that… Read More »

Baby Signing Time

Okay, so I’m on a roll with educational resources for babies. Another absolutely awesome resource dropped into my lap last week. A friend with a grown up baby gave me the first episode of – Its Baby Signing Time! The idea being that babies develop an awareness about their needs and desires long before they… Read More »

Nightmare night

Last night Nisarg cried, and cried, and cried. Poor chap. He vomitted a couple of times, had loose stools, gas…. and was utterly miserable. He wanted to be held all the time and still sobbed on and off. Nothing worked. feeding, burping, music…. Just as I was about to rush him to the ER of… Read More »