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Beautiful, brilliant day of learning

I had been getting a bit pushy with Nisarga’s movement lessons. Needless to say, it was counterproductive. He was getting bored rapidly or cranky. I was getting frustrated at the lack of a breakthrough. So yesterday, I decided to back off (long overdue). I spent time reading about the Feldenkrais Method, reminding myself of what… Read More »

Feldenkrais method for kids: Sitting straighter, using hands more

Posture Analysis: Nisarga’s development seemed stuck with him sitting hunched, braced against his hands or rather the back of his hands. Looking at some videos of using the Feldenkrais Method with kids and reading and mimicking his posture, I realized that this too is a manifestation of him not using his lower back. His knees… Read More »

Yes, yes yes!!!

Nisarga’s dystonia means he uses his body in a quite twisted way. To push against the floor, he uses the back of his hands instead of palm. It has been a struggle for over a year now to keep patiently correcting it by turning his hand over so that his palm pushes against the floor.… Read More »

The neurologist and Syndopa

Today, my birthday. No one at home but Nisarga and I. Big plan for the day? Meeting with Dr. Anaita Hegde, who is supposed to be the top or second from top pediatric neurologist in Mumbai. A few odd thoughts sent through my mind: How can a doctor be ranked top or second from top,… Read More »