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Tests done, nothing clearer

So we had been asked to do four tests to help understand what is happening to Nisarga. Did all four. Eye Opinion: Eyes fine BERA: normal. Metabolic screening: amino acids (I think) found in urine, but nothing major. Karyotype tests: No numerical or structural abnormalities. Earlier MRI was normal. He has some problems with constipation… Read More »

Meeting Dokya

One of our friends from the mountaineering days is Dr. Milind Chitale. We had been planning to take Nisarga and his medical papers to him for a friend’s opinion on his issues and treatment. Accordingly, finally we took Nisarga today. My father had come along, which was a bit awkward for me, because there were… Read More »

Nisarga’s medical history

Been working on this post for a bit. Many people asking exactly what is wrong with Nisarga, so putting it together the best I can. He was fine till he was 3-4 months old. Had just begun turning to side, catching toys, etc when he kind of just… regressed. Low body tone – hypotonia. Just… Read More »

The last few months

I haven’t had time to write the last few months. I got busy, then there was some problem with the blog that I didn’t have time to diagnose… Anyway, much has happened in the last few months, and some of it I’ll be writing separate posts about. On his health front, my earlier concerns are… Read More »

The neurologist and Syndopa

Today, my birthday. No one at home but Nisarga and I. Big plan for the day? Meeting with Dr. Anaita Hegde, who is supposed to be the top or second from top pediatric neurologist in Mumbai. A few odd thoughts sent through my mind: How can a doctor be ranked top or second from top,… Read More »

Our first tooth at 3 months!!!

I have been busy with a super needy baby for the past couple of days with no time to haunt this blog at all. He has been fussy and clingy for the past couple of days, which is fine because I enjoy holding him, but sad because he seems so unhappy. I was wondering constantly… Read More »

Atarax drops – things I didn't know

Okay, the baby had had a bad night two days ago, and the pediatrician prescribed atarax drops – 10 drops morning and night. She asked me to call back in a day. I’d given him the drops and he slept most of the day away. I assumed it was from being so utterly exhausted. He… Read More »