Growing up like mom and dad

By | August 2, 2010

Okay, so its Nisarga’s eleventh birthday, and we are all grown up and ready to work. Naturally, the very first work we will try on is work we have seen happening around us. So friends, families and well wishers, here I present, Nisarga the mountaineer:

Baby wearing a climbing helmet

Nisarga following in Raka's footsteps

Baby working on computer

Nisarga watching photos on my computer

The first one was taken when Raka was packing for a batch for waterfall rappelling, and Nisarga insisted on playing with him and all the equipment. Raka picked him out of the mess and put him to one side and plonked his helmet on his head and the little guy was deeeelighted. i whipped out the camera, and it became the next toy he wanted 😀

The other one is about Nisarga’s increasing interest in the computer. He loves to watch the screen, and tap away at the keys. Mostly I open a word document and set the font to some huge size and bright color and let him bang away, or, like this one, I open a folder of photos so that he can bang at keys and make the photos change. Here are some more:

Baby in mother's lap intent on computer

Nisarga helping me work

Love the little guy.

One thought on “Growing up like mom and dad

  1. Kay

    Sweetest babe. I had a bit of a head shake when I read the email post. I was thinking Doctor Who transported me in time some how and I missed out on a decade. Happy 11 month birthday!

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