What a scare!

By | November 16, 2011

Our bedroom has a broken lock for many days. It can be opened from the inside, but not the outside. The rule is to not close the bedroom door when no adult is inside. Particularly if Nisarga is in.

Today, the husband returned home late, drunk, and called me out of the room to talk. Knowing that it was a guarantee for a racket if we remained there, I went. A minute later, he went to the loo, and saw the door open, and reflexively closed it.

The minute he did it, he realized. He tried to open the door, it wouldn’t open. He came and told me.

We immediately started hunting for tools to break open the lock – ideally a screw driver. Couldn’t find. All through I was fuming at Raka and dreading that Nisarga would wake and we wouldn’t be able to reach him.

I found a nail cutter and tried using the small knife in it to open the door. Of course, that wouldn’t work. returned for more searching. Praying that Nisarga wouldn’t wake up.

In the meanwhile, Raka wandered to the kitchen and got a spoon and went at the door. Noisy stuff happened and I cringed, but I knew going there to pick a fight was no use. The spoon fell a few times. Nisarga is particularly alert to metallic sounds, and I hoped that he hadn’t heard and woken up.

Approached the husband, and he was using the spoon like a screw driver. Good thinking. More importantly, it was working. One screw out, two more to go. He started explaining it loudly to me. I hastily went back to the drawing room. If we talked, Nisarga would wake for sure.

Ten minutes and some noises later, Raka swayed back into the room. I was smoking enough to make my eyes tear – or was it me being a mom?

“The door is open” he said. “I may be drunk stupid enough to close it, but I opened it also. You should trust me more. Is there any more of that vodka you are having?”

I had already rushed halfway to the bedroom to check. The door was indeed open. Nisarga was sleeping. All is well that ends well.

“You are totally useless in an emergency. You should trust me more. I care about him too.”

Indeed. I had forgotten in my blame, but that is true.

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