Monthly Archives: March 2010

This is mom

Nisarga just patted me when asked where is mom!!! I’d been playing this game mostly because he likes it. I ask “Where is Nisarga?” and he just loves the question and gives huge gummy grins. Then I ask “Where is mom?” and I get another huge grin. We can do this for hours and he… Read More »

Introductory food

At Nisarga’s last doctor visit, the pediatrician had recommended that we start giving him a taste of some other foods, like rice water and fruit juices, etc. The rice water was a big flop. Nisarga was much less than not impressed at all. However, the fruits were a different story. We began with a tiny… Read More »

6 months old

Some amazing photos from Nisarga’s six month birthday. Raka has outdone himself this time. Talented photographer, charming model!