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Feldenkrais method for kids: Sitting straighter, using hands more

Posture Analysis: Nisarga’s development seemed stuck with him sitting hunched, braced against his hands or rather the back of his hands. Looking at some videos of using the Feldenkrais Method with kids and reading and mimicking his posture, I realized that this too is a manifestation of him not using his lower back. His knees… Read More »

Nightmare night

Last night Nisarg cried, and cried, and cried. Poor chap. He vomitted a couple of times, had loose stools, gas…. and was utterly miserable. He wanted to be held all the time and still sobbed on and off. Nothing worked. feeding, burping, music…. Just as I was about to rush him to the ER of… Read More »

6week doctor's appointment

We had our third doctor’s appointment today. Ever since I started surfing the net and discovered that my baby was “near-term” and “underweight” I’ve been obsessing about getting him on the charts. So much for accepting the baby how it is. On some level, I think its good for Nisarg that I’m obsessing over his… Read More »

Tips for infant gas pain

We had gas pain again last night. This time around, I was able to comfort him in an hour…. which is too long for my baby to be in pain… What worked was: Playing his favourite music Cuddling to comfort him Breastfeeding to comfort him Patting and stroking his back while cuddling to help him… Read More »