Nisarga’s hip is dislocated

Nisarga’s hip has been found to be dislocated. A few weeks ago, my husband and his mother took him to another doctor who described physiotherapy. Whoever’s followed his story for long knows he doesn’t deal well with physiotherapy and I was reluctant to send him. But there really seemed no other options to help him… Read More »

Growing up with Nisarga #1000speak #nurture

There was life before being a mother and there was life after. It is as though I am a different person now. A person I like. As a parent of an unschooled child, I often face questions about my role as a parent. Opinions vary. Many see education, discipline, good ideals for a better future… Read More »

Nisarga and his tricycle

Nisarga loves his tricycle of his. But because he cannot balance reliably, it is difficult to click photos. So these are all the more precious. Nisarga is not able to move the tricycle by pushing on the pedals at all, but will will find a way. He has taken to rocking himself on the tricycle… Read More »

The vaccination debate

It is one of those times when the vaccination debate seems to be raging on social media. As a parent with a disabled child, I have my concerns and fears about vaccines, particularly since the onset of Nisarga’s disabilities happened a few days after his vaccination. I don’t go around telling people to vaccinate or… Read More »

Nisarga trying to escape out of the window

So, a light hearted update to make up for all the hundreds that I forget to post 😀 Nisarga is quite fascinated by the plants growing in the balcony and the attention I give them. Additionally, he just loves windows. So trying to get into the balcony is an ongoing obsession. Once before, he’d actually… Read More »

Ayurvedic massage oils update

So far, I’ve been giving Nisarga massages with the Ayurvedic oils about once a day or every alternate day. He loves them. It is about the only time he will lie still without trying to escape while awake. I see some improvements in his strength. He’s been pulling himself up with some weight on his… Read More »