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The torment of (in)decision

How does one go on fighting against all odds? How does one keep struggling to keep a family afloat, when no one else seems to care? How can a man look at his own flesh and blood child and keep coming home drunk? Where does a woman draw the line between giving up too easily… Read More »

Pain and fear

Just had some awful news. A friend of mine had a son recently and he developed some problems after birth and had to be hospitalized, where he died after two days. This must have been the hardest thing I have ever done….. I gave her a call and spoke with her briefly. What do you… Read More »

The journey of vulnerability – A timeline

Two eyes met, attraction sparked. Sexy, confident, secure Two hearts met intention formed Invincible together Two lives merged, married Embraced and celebrated Differences arose, got resolved…. or not Experience grew A small line on a stick changed colour Eagerness stirred The new life coming up became more and more real Plans began – would they… Read More »