5 thoughts on “Nisarga

  1. Paromita Dutta

    My daughter, Peu is 2.5 years old and is sufferring from seizures since she was 15 days and the reasons remains unknown till date after n number of tests and doctor visits. She still has them even after trying 7 typoes of medicines.
    As a result all her milestones have regressed and she is equivalent to a 3 month old baby.

    Now we will be traveling to Mumbai soon for Ketogenic diet treatment and want to meet you.
    We have recently come across the Anat Baniel method and by reading her book, watching videos and her DVD aim to try it on my daughter. I have been frantically searching for some leads of her method in India and that is how I came across your blog.

    I stay in Bangalore.
    Can I get your contact details to talk about the Anat Baniel method.

    My mobile no is 0 9880567370

    With best regards,
    Paromita Dutta

  2. Sudip

    Our daughter having Infantile spasm since 2 weeks for her life. Now she is 28 months and having almost no development. Still we are fighting for her life. We came about this ABM, but no help in India. If you can provide some pointers would be a great help. You can visit my daughter’ Youtube channel :

  3. mom Post author

    Hope you are doing better now, Paromita and Sudip. You know you can contact me any time. You have my email.

  4. neetu singh


    my son is suffering from spastic cerebral palsy. i need your advice and help related to this disease especially about feldenkrais techniques of mobility contact me through email asap . will be obliged by your kind concern.

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