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Brillkids – does it work?

Recently, a friend asked me about my fascination with the Brillkids softwares. Does it actually work? They ARE very expensive! The way I look at this is that the Brillkids softwares – both Little Reader and Little Math are tools. How effective they are depends on how well you use them. A committed parent could… Read More »

Baby Signing Time

Okay, so I’m on a roll with educational resources for babies. Another absolutely awesome resource dropped into my lap last week. A friend with a grown up baby gave me the first episode of – Its Baby Signing Time! The idea being that babies develop an awareness about their needs and desires long before they… Read More »

Brillkids to speed up your baby's learning

Research increasingly shows that the more information you make accessible to your baby, the faster he or she begins using it. This is particularly true when it comes to language and maths. Babies this age are more “right brained” – they need to be, if they have to learn to understand people, interaction and express… Read More »

Sensitive parenting

Didn’t want to end the day on a sour note, so I just thought to share an awesome site and a must read for all parents. Aware parenting. The first time I found this site, it was like coming home. Distressed by my mother-in-law’s insistence to not pick up the baby all the time it… Read More »