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Nisarga and his tricycle

Nisarga loves his tricycle of his. But because he cannot balance reliably, it is difficult to click photos. So these are all the more precious. Nisarga is not able to move the tricycle by pushing on the pedals at all, but will will find a way. He has taken to rocking himself on the tricycle… Read More »

Ayurvedic massage oils update

So far, I’ve been giving Nisarga massages with the Ayurvedic oils about once a day or every alternate day. He loves them. It is about the only time he will lie still without trying to escape while awake. I see some improvements in his strength. He’s been pulling himself up with some weight on his… Read More »

New beginnings

We have now moved to our new home, and Nisarga seems to be thriving. He is eating more, sleeping sooner, sleeping sounder and rising at the crack of dawn all excited. Another new beginning is the end of my resistance to massage. After being told that it wouldn’t help him, and after seeing little to… Read More »

Nisarga learned to open bottles

Today afternoon, the husband came up at me furious. Nisarga’s face is smeared with snot. What kind of a mother are you? Can’t you even clean his face? He wiped Nisarga’s face clean. I was puzzled. Nisarga didn’t have a cold. I hadn’t noticed him cough or sneezze or anything, and he’d given me a… Read More »

Sitting up on his own

There are dozens of half written drafts and yet somehow I don’t seem to upload this blog as often as I could. Nisarga is growing, learning. I have been sensing that he is able to sit for a while now, but when made to sit, he loses confidence and supports himself with his arms, slides… Read More »