Monthly Archives: October 2009

6week doctor's appointment

We had our third doctor’s appointment today. Ever since I started surfing the net and discovered that my baby was “near-term” and “underweight” I’ve been obsessing about getting him on the charts. So much for accepting the baby how it is. On some level, I think its good for Nisarg that I’m obsessing over his… Read More »

Supporting an infant's neck

You look at that fragile little thing and your heart flutters with fear for its safety. You are so scared of jerking that flimsy neck supporting that big head, that you take a full minute before the baby transfers from the bed to your arms. Well…. Life has a way of enforcing efficiency, as has… Read More »

Sensitive parenting

Didn’t want to end the day on a sour note, so I just thought to share an awesome site and a must read for all parents. Aware parenting. The first time I found this site, it was like coming home. Distressed by my mother-in-law’s insistence to not pick up the baby all the time it… Read More »

Travel tips to India

While searching for diaper rash because I wanted to know what its like, I came across a page with the stupidest information for visitors traveling to India with infants. Not only is it factually incorrect, it stinks of pseudo superiority. I have a lot of friends who are foreigners (as in non-Indians). Many of them… Read More »