Monthly Archives: September 2011

A day for heading out

So, Nisarga has discovered that there is a whole new exciting world out there. And he wants to go out. out. out. All. The. Time. Bring him back from a walk and he turns right back to the door. To summarize since he woke up at 8:15am today (and it is 9:30am now)…. Woke up,… Read More »

Tests done, nothing clearer

So we had been asked to do four tests to help understand what is happening to Nisarga. Did all four. Eye Opinion: Eyes fine BERA: normal. Metabolic screening: amino acids (I think) found in urine, but nothing major. Karyotype tests: No numerical or structural abnormalities. Earlier MRI was normal. He has some problems with constipation… Read More »

Nisarga’s Bera Test

So it was Nisarga’s BERA test today. It was scheduled for 2pm and we were prepared as instructed. Wake him up early – check Get doctor’s letter that he doesn’t have cough, cold or fever – check. We took him today itself so that it would tire him out some and make him more inclined… Read More »

Bath Time

Here are two videos from our bath time escapades. Nisarga has always loved the playing in water part of bathing and always hated the washing face part of it.  The fun lies in catching a stream of water or pushing a bobbing toy under. Some of the most enjoyable moments of the day.