Monthly Archives: March 2011

Drawing with Nisarga

Uh…. no. He didn’t actually draw these, he…. directed them. He was fussy, so to entertain him, I started telling him about the website design work I was doing. One thing led to another, and we fiddled around with the Harmony script for drawing – an adapted version of which forms the background of this… Read More »

Conversational contexts

Nisarga has really started picking up on overall meanings/tones of conversations. And he’s on my side!!! Make that he’s on my side in defending his rights. Two incidents. We were meeting the big physiotheripast – the main woman – Dr. Urmila Kamat. She comes once in a while and meets a lot of people, so… Read More »


No clue what this means, but it does mean something crucially important. He keeps saying this on and off. Abgugiya and boogiya. He says like he’s identifying/recognizing something. Boogi seems to he “Bhook lagli” – hungry. Not that the two words sound remotely similar, just from his expressions and the time he uses it as… Read More »