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Tips for infant gas pain

We had gas pain again last night. This time around, I was able to comfort him in an hour…. which is too long for my baby to be in pain… What worked was: Playing his favourite music Cuddling to comfort him Breastfeeding to comfort him Patting and stroking his back while cuddling to help him… Read More »

Milk coma in infants?

I learned a new term today – milk coma. Apparently it is the state of the baby after it has fed well, and can barely keep his eyes open. Like this: Talk about drunk That’s it – not a drop more! I used to call it Niarg getting tipsy on milk and then blackout, but… Read More »

11 First breastfeeding tips

The first breastfeeding can be a stressful time for the new mother, particularly if its your first baby (as mine was). There is so much happening. You have barely registered that the painful labour is now over, you are excited about the baby, family is usually clustered close to see the baby and wish you… Read More »