Monthly Archives: September 2009

Newborn jaundice

Today, baby looked slightly yellow to my inexperienced eye. Various visitors, depending on whether they were trying to reassure me or talk straight disagreed or agreed, but the bottom line was that the guy looked rather yellow. The nurses assured me that mild jaundice was normal and not an issue. The pediatrician agreed with that… Read More »

Newborn's first poop

Okay, so I asked around to find out when a newborn begins pooping. Peeing happens almost immediately. Pooping is basically that sticky tar like meconium stuff. My son hadn’t pooped for a full 24 hours after his birth, and that is considered fine. Most babies I asked about pooped some time during the second day… Read More »

The story of his birth

I had had a dismal experience with my gynaec (and all other options in our area I tried to explore). Thus, I had little clue as to what exactly was the point at which to hit the maternity home for delivering this little one. I’d been told rather vaguely to come if contractions came around… Read More »