Monthly Archives: May 2013

Walk in the stormy breeze

I had taken Nisarga out on a longer walk yesterday evening. He can be really tough to carry for long periods, so I took him riding piggyback, with a dupatta to hold him like a sling. This is very easy to carry and I did fairly good time with it. The weather was perfect pre-monsoon… Read More »

Feldenkrais method for kids: Sitting straighter, using hands more

Posture Analysis: Nisarga’s development seemed stuck with him sitting hunched, braced against his hands or rather the back of his hands. Looking at some videos of using the Feldenkrais Method with kids and reading and mimicking his posture, I realized that this too is a manifestation of him not using his lower back. His knees… Read More »

Update on Nisarga’s health

To make a long story short, much has happened since I used to write here regularly (and I think I should update regularly for reasons more than memories – to record changed in health). Nisarga had shown no real improvement in his physical development since we started treatment. He was on increasing doses of medicine… Read More »