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Doctor’s visit in Parle

Much has happened since the previous posts. I finally gave up on trying to patch the marriage and have moved back to the father, which isn’t a big improvement, but still as step in the right direction. So, we needed a pediatrician in Parle, and we went to one this time. And what an ace!!!… Read More »

Not doing right by Nisarga

Getting a “much deserved” lecture on how to stop avoiding home life and start “doing more” at home. House is a mess. I know. I should hire another maid. Can’t afford. They all have their problems with me, but still don’t want me to leave. They are large hearted. I wish they weren’t. What they… Read More »

Breastfeeding in public

I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding for many reasons, but the chief ones are: Its the best choice of nutrition for my baby Immunity or at least resistance from a lot of stuff – don’t really know from experience – Nisarga is my son – we have no use for doctors other than regular… Read More »

Mother development

I used to think of myself as a pretty self aware person. And sure, to a great extent, I am. But then, the self is like an onion the more layers you peel off, the tastier the core remains. Nisarg is throwing me into a new learning curve as a person. It is impossible to… Read More »

My little sunflower

Just warms my heart to see, This tiny piece of me Full of smiles and coos He has nothing to loose As he follows me around with his eyes When out of sight, he calls with cries For he is my little sunflower, And I’m his mother

Pain and fear

Just had some awful news. A friend of mine had a son recently and he developed some problems after birth and had to be hospitalized, where he died after two days. This must have been the hardest thing I have ever done….. I gave her a call and spoke with her briefly. What do you… Read More »

The journey of vulnerability – A timeline

Two eyes met, attraction sparked. Sexy, confident, secure Two hearts met intention formed Invincible together Two lives merged, married Embraced and celebrated Differences arose, got resolved…. or not Experience grew A small line on a stick changed colour Eagerness stirred The new life coming up became more and more real Plans began – would they… Read More »

What you see is what you get

What you see is what you getI live with innocence. Scary innocence like I never thought possibleCourage to be defenceless in the unknownAnd face and meet whatever comes alongTill I want to hide him away to keep him safe One little guy who smiles, cries, grunts, staresAnd what you see is what you get No… Read More »