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Bhaubeej 2011

So, Bhaubeej, or Bhaidooj, as the Hindi people call it was yesterday, and Nisarga had a blast. Actually his day hadn’t been so great since he had been constipated again after quite a while of good stomach, so he was fussy. But all that changed when he reached there. Normally the boy who yells and… Read More »

Diwali visit to grandparents

We went to Virar to meet my in-laws over lunch at the temple. My father-in-law is too old to travel much and hadn’t met Nisarga in months, and Diwali was a time when they anyway want us to come and pay our respects at the temple. (no, it doesn’t matter that I am atheist –… Read More »

Meeting Dokya

One of our friends from the mountaineering days is Dr. Milind Chitale. We had been planning to take Nisarga and his medical papers to him for a friend’s opinion on his issues and treatment. Accordingly, finally we took Nisarga today. My father had come along, which was a bit awkward for me, because there were… Read More »