What a beautiful baby!
What a beautiful baby!

When I had a son on the 2nd Sept, little did I imagine how time would fly. At one point, I was heavily pregnant and swearing that I’d sleep for a week once he was out and the next thing I knew, he was nearing a month old, and sleep was still nowhere in sight.

However, true to my intense curiosity for enhancing anything I’m into, I found myself having a veritable fountain of knowledge, resources and curiosity about the pregnancy and now raising a child.

Considering how time flies, I thought I’d create this blog. This blog serves several purposes:

  1. Its a labour of love. I vaguely imagine myself showing this to a grown up Nisarg who is curious about when he was a baby.
  2. It gives me something to do when I’m wide awake in the middle of the night with an infant who nods off happily on me, but wakes up screaming when I put him down.
  3. Its memories of this time, which is so precious, and passing so swiftly
  4. It is a space where I can share my discoveries in a manner that will assist those interested rather than talk the ears off people who will find them utterly boring.
  5. Its a place I can point my friends who are expecting/have babies. I fantasize that they will find this place wildly helpful, but I guess what I’m really hoping for is conversations with people in the same boat….

So here I am, and here is this blog. Enjoy!

Do keep coming back and reading, appreciating my beautiful son and sharing your insights.

To begin reading his story from his birth, read my first post about the birth of this blog.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Kay Alina


    Is there a way to sign up to be reminded of your blog posts?

  2. Nidhi

    hey, i am unable to get yours posts in in e-mail.. could you help with the same.

    hows nisarga doing now??

  3. mom Post author

    Nisarga is doing well. We have started taking him to a fancy hospital meant specially for physical therapy and such at Mahalaxmi. We have gone there twice and things are looking very good.

    I am also becoming better skilled with the Feldenkrais Method, and am seeing steady results. He sits independently for a short while now. Sits in chairs and such without supervision needed (though I don’t leave him in a chair). Also is able to sit up straight if he loses balance sitting in the pram on bumpy ground – which in my eyes is an important indicator that he is learning to sit up.

  4. Girendra Singh

    I wants abcd of homeschooling in India

  5. Lara Dyduch

    Hi, I would like to contact you. The contact Mom form doesn’t show up for me. Can you get back to me? All the best!

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