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Encourage rolling over

Many children these days roll over late.  Nisarga is one of them. Its not that he can’t. He just doesn’t seem interested. He has rolled over from his tummy to his back and vice versa more than a few times. He can. But he is content to lie how he is. I must admit that… Read More »

Our first tooth at 3 months!!!

I have been busy with a super needy baby for the past couple of days with no time to haunt this blog at all. He has been fussy and clingy for the past couple of days, which is fine because I enjoy holding him, but sad because he seems so unhappy. I was wondering constantly… Read More »

Tips to help baby crawl

Okay, so your baby is still not crawling. Maybe he’s 5 months old, or just born….. we are all eager to see them crawl. Okay, the first thing to realize is that a newborn put on the mother’s stomach will crawl up to suckle (often, if not mostly). So crawling is not that big a… Read More »

Baby's first real smile

Okay guys, Today, I’m on top of the world. I woke up to see Nisarg already awake and quiet next to me and wanted to spend some quiet time with him. I picked up a rattle and showed it to him, cooing “Good morning!” and some random nonsense. Nisarg stared quietly and very seriously at… Read More »

Baby's naming ceremony

We had a small naming ceremony for the baby yesterday. We have named our son Nisarg. Since Nisarg is still quite young, we decided on an immediate family only event, which went exactly as we had hoped. With lots of love, cheer and caring. Nisarg means nature in Marathi.