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Tips to help baby crawl

Okay, so your baby is still not crawling. Maybe he’s 5 months old, or just born….. we are all eager to see them crawl. Okay, the first thing to realize is that a newborn put on the mother’s stomach will crawl up to suckle (often, if not mostly). So crawling is not that big a… Read More »

Supporting an infant's neck

You look at that fragile little thing and your heart flutters with fear for its safety. You are so scared of jerking that flimsy neck supporting that big head, that you take a full minute before the baby transfers from the bed to your arms. Well…. Life has a way of enforcing efficiency, as has… Read More »

How to play with a newborn

I read a lot about the importance of play in the growth and development of a baby. However, there was little I found on when to begin and how to go about it with a newborn baby. Of course, like any other parent, I was eager to “test drive” my brand new son. Unfortunately, said… Read More »

Sunlight for newborn jaundice

Blue light has long been accepted as a way of treating jaundice. This treatment came about through the observations of a very smart nurse who observed that babies near windows had less problems with jaundice, which led to research….. Another separate study assessed the use of sunlight (which is abundant) as compared with the special… Read More »