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New beginnings

We have now moved to our new home, and Nisarga seems to be thriving. He is eating more, sleeping sooner, sleeping sounder and rising at the crack of dawn all excited. Another new beginning is the end of my resistance to massage. After being told that it wouldn’t help him, and after seeing little to… Read More »

Atarax drops – things I didn't know

Okay, the baby had had a bad night two days ago, and the pediatrician prescribed atarax drops – 10 drops morning and night. She asked me to call back in a day. I’d given him the drops and he slept most of the day away. I assumed it was from being so utterly exhausted. He… Read More »

Pain and fear

Just had some awful news. A friend of mine had a son recently and he developed some problems after birth and had to be hospitalized, where he died after two days. This must have been the hardest thing I have ever done….. I gave her a call and spoke with her briefly. What do you… Read More »