Monthly Archives: November 2009

Funny Little Baby

I was working at something on the computer, when Nisarga’s piercing wail scared me to bits. I jumped from my chair and rushed to him in record time. Imagine what this guy’s problem was? He had woken up quietly and was playing on his own, I guess. These days, he grabs the rods on the… Read More »

Evolving toys

I have joined a toy library for Nisarga. They have toys and books and stuff. Its started by a friend and I can get flashcards, and books, all kinds of toys and stuff for him, without investing in space in my home. Its quite great actually, and surprisingly affordable. She operates it only two days… Read More »

Mother's love is extra blind

Okay, this is what happened. I was sitting at the computer, working on this site with Nisarga behind me fast asleep. I realized he was awake when I heard his usual shout “aaae”. I turned around and spoke with him, and he responded with a huge grin. I could literally see the bulb light in… Read More »

Black Friday, Cyber Monday – Coupons and Discount offers!!!

If you live in the online world, this is a fabulous time for purchasing developmental products for your child at discounted prices. Absolute money-savers – just grab what suits you below. Some of the most fantastic products to encourage early communication development in babies and toddlers are now cheaper. I’d love to have any and… Read More »

Sunshine after cloudy days

Today was a fabulous day for this mother and baby. Nisarga had been suffering from bouts of inconsolable crying for the last couple of days, which had made him pretty miserable. Would have been funny if it weren’t so heart breaking. He used to look really puzzled by his own crying…. Anyway, that is in… Read More »

The first week with your newborn

The first week passes in a daze of information overload and sleep deprivation. Everything is new, emotional….. Too much is happening. The body has gone through a tough time, a whole new person is attached to me like superglue for the foreseeable future, too many people coming over to meet, well meaning advice being shoved… Read More »

If you call me evil, I will believe you

This post explores my thoughts around our own unconscious processes and desires, and looks at their impact on children, who are literally absorbing everything we say as the whole truth. It is based on an earlier email to a group forum I no longer haunt, so some of it may seem a little “context specific”.… Read More »