Ayurvedic massage oils update

By | August 19, 2014

So far, I’ve been giving Nisarga massages with the Ayurvedic oils about once a day or every alternate day. He loves them. It is about the only time he will lie still without trying to escape while awake. I see some improvements in his strength. He’s been pulling himself up with some weight on his legs for the past few days (note – this isn’t even remotely close to standing, but with locked knees, he can put weight on his legs for a while).

He has also started babbling more and trying new sounds. A few days ago he went “aayiga” another time “yega” – without much predictability, but it is new. He’s also made “na-na” and “de-de” sounds which is new.

No idea how much of this is because of the oils and how much is because of the other changes, but whatever it is, I’m continuing the oil massages because he loves them along with everything else (cod liver oil, occasional spirulina, ashwagandha, honey, no/low gluten, more greens, etc).

Whatever the cause and extent of the changes, he’s in a growth spurt, and I’m going to help him make the most of it.

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