How to play with a newborn

By | September 16, 2009

I read a lot about the importance of play in the growth and development of a baby. However, there was little I found on when to begin and how to go about it with a newborn baby.

Of course, like any other parent, I was eager to “test drive” my brand new son. Unfortunately, said son had other ideas. He was hopelessly unable to smile, make interesting sounds or move in any way that could lead to playing. Now what. Here are some tips fom experience and what little information I could find.

  • Forget about “training” baby to do anything. Doesn’t work. The idea is to train yourself to do stuff he can relate with or find interesting.
  • Singing: This guy knows my voice and he loves to listen to it. Singing makes him look intently at me if I’m close, or in my direction if he can’t focus on me.
  • Chatter: Talk to him. Doesn’t matter what. Stocks will work, as will romance or fairy tales and chemistry equations. Just keep your tone relaxed and go on.
  • Cuddle: You will love this and so will your loved one.
  • Don’t expect enjoyment to mean smiles. If it ain’t crying or avoiding looking at you, its good with what you’re at.
  • Hand holding: Give him a finger to hold… or not. Whatever. Don’t expect too much every time your finger is offered.
  • Be brief: Conclude while its good. Everything is new to the baby, so your efforts could just end up tiring it out. begin when he seeks eye contact, and stop after a while (particularly with talking while looking at his eyes). No limits to cuddling though.

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