Walk in the stormy breeze

By | May 29, 2013

I had taken Nisarga out on a longer walk yesterday evening. He can be really tough to carry for long periods, so I took him riding piggyback, with a dupatta to hold him like a sling. This is very easy to carry and I did fairly good time with it. The weather was perfect pre-monsoon breezy weather. Nisarga was thrilled to find a cool breeze after so many days of languishing in the heat.

So we went further ahead. Wandered around. Found spots with better breeze to stand at. Looked at cows, dogs, buffaloes, shops…. Nisarga had kept a constant stream of excited “baa be baa baa” and didn’t want to come home at all.

So we drank some juice. He can’t drink well from the glass mugs the chap uses, so he got sticky. I got sticky and then it was really time to get home and clean up 😀

Small joys. Today.

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