Atarax drops – things I didn't know

By | November 20, 2009

Okay, the baby had had a bad night two days ago, and the pediatrician prescribed atarax drops – 10 drops morning and night. She asked me to call back in a day.

I’d given him the drops and he slept most of the day away. I assumed it was from being so utterly exhausted. He hadn’t had another crying spell. When I called the doctor after 24 hours as told, she asked about how he was responding and I told her that, and she asked me to reduce his dose to 8 drops both times and call back in another 24 hours.
He’s doing fine.
Then, with my obsession with whatever the baby ingests, I searched online for information about Atarax drops and I found the following:
  • They contain Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride.
  • They are indicated for nervous stress, anxiety and neurovegetative disorders in cardiovascular affections (hy­pertension, arteriosclerosis, arrhythmia, stenocardia, nervous and circulatory asthenia), respiratory af­fections (nervous cough, chronic bronchitis, bronchospasmsl, gastrointestinal disorders (nausea and vo­miting, gastric hypermotility and hypersecretion, gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic colitis), and in pe­diatrics (tics, enuresis)….
  • Sleepiness is a common side effect!
  • It is possible to alergic to these – I HAD been thinking that Nisarg’s face looks a little swollen, but thought it was because of the crying….
In short, its a heavy duty medicine, particularly for such a small baby, and while it helps, it would have been good if the doctor could have explained how important it was not to give more than needed (I can imagine myself giving him “a little bit more” if faced with a screaming infant in the middle of the night – not that I do this easily with him, but that it feels remarkably powerless to see him hurt – luckily the situation didn’t arise). I think it also was crucial that we be told that we could expect him to sleep a bit more from the medicine and to watch out for possible allergic reactions.
It sounded like a regular medicine for babies, the way she gave it. Or maybe it is? I don’t know.
Anyway, it doesn’t seem to make him drowsy when it counts, and he had a fussy spell for two hours after taking the medicine before he would settle to sleep. Though luckily, it was more a needy state of being rather than outright wails. And then we slept like a pair of logs till morning.

2 thoughts on “Atarax drops – things I didn't know

  1. leina

    what is the posologie of atarax drops

    Editor’s note: “posologie” means dosage.

  2. mom Post author

    I don’t know. I am not a doctor. It would be best if you consulted the product information, or a doctor.

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