Bonnisan works miracles with gassy infant!!!

By | October 25, 2009

Of course I did a whole load of searching on Bonnisan, and then tasted it myself before even showing baby the bottle….

I’d read all kinds of nice things about it, which kind of reassured me, and the taste is nice – similar to gripe water, so initially I didn’t know what the doctor’s big deal about the whole thing was.

I found out for myself within our first day on the medicine. Two doses in, and the gas pains were audibly lower. Baby was sleeping better, more cheerful and eating more.

We are now into our second day and WOW!!! Nisarg is back to the sweet tempered baby he was before this gas nightmare began. He hasn’t pooped all day today after every day since birth being an experience of a constantly pooping bottom. He still has gas, but its much less and he can pass it without going through agony for every fart or spraying poop along with it. His body just seems so limp and relaxed after feedings.

I’d reached the end of my rope with this gas thing, and desperately needed a miracle. Looks like I got one.

If I add my experience with this medicine, with the research I read, I don’t know why doctors don’t simply prescribe this off the bat, or at least at the first sign of trouble. Its a digestive tonic that does so many things. Just Google it. No point having to suffer through my half baked jargon.

18 thoughts on “Bonnisan works miracles with gassy infant!!!

  1. yoxolo

    My son has been not eating enough,as a 7 months old he was supposed to be having more bottle refils of milk,but he’s been taking 250 ml all day long.
    Yesterday we went to the pharmacy,we were given Himalaya Bonnisan,I was very excited as it was written outside that it will improve his appetite,I gave
    him one teaspoon in the evening.I don’t know,we hardly slept a wink,he was crying and that is new,we never experienced such since he arrived.he was more
    comforted when I pressed him against myself.
    Is it possible that its a temporal side effect that will soon ge better?I am so desperate to get my son eating but at the same time I need my sleep and I missed
    My happy boy,not this irritable one,please give me an advice,what can I do?

  2. mom Post author

    One day is difficult to say if his restlessness was due to Bonnisan or something else. For that matter, he would even be fussy if he was hungry (because of Bonnisan?) or over tired (doctor’s visit?) or something else that could be unrelated. I have not had such a situation where a fussy mood could be tracked to Bonnisan.

    I understand that this is frustrating, but trust me, if one night’s sleep being disturbed is upsetting you so bad, it sounds like your baby is a lovely sleeper and you may get your nights back soon enough. Mine wasn’t till he became three years old. So I know that frustration you are talking about.

    Tbat said, if you are certain it is Bonnisan keeping him awake and upset, then I suppose it is not useful for your son and you probably should speak with the doctor about discontinuing. There is no point simply giving him something for some concept if it is not helping. I suggest you speak with your doctor about these concerns.

  3. Shavinder

    Hello there,
    My 4 weeks old daughter has been having gas and constipation trouble since beginning. In the intial weeks we had been supplementing her with formula milk along with her mother’s milk. But then we switched to cow’s milk because she was not digesting formula too well and she was constipated too.
    After reading about bonnison from your posts and from others at we gave her bonnison 10 drops twice daily for 2 days. She started passing stools twice a day which was a welcome thing but she also seemed to be having belly cramps as she would randomly cry for a moment as if some cramping peristaltic wave passed in her belly. So we stopped bonnison to see how it went. Now it has been 4 days since she pooped. So today evening I gave her 5 drops bonnison. She started straining at around 11pm. I held her knees to her belly to help her pass the stool. The stool that came out was hard and thick. So thick in diameter that it cracked her anal skin and blood stained the poo.
    What would your advice be on this? Should be continue to give bonnison albeit at lower dose? My fear is that bonnison might be habit forming. I don’t want my daughter to be dependant on bonnison.
    How long did you give bonnison to Nisarga? Did he eventually wean off?

    Thanks in advance for any input

    PS: I tried emailing you from your ‘Contact Mom’ link but the page does not bring up a form. Something seems to be broken.

  4. mom Post author

    To the best of my knowledge, Bonnisan is not habit forming, but I don’t think it is the problem with your baby either. What you describe sounds like constipation, which, to my knowledge is not common in breast-fed babies, but I hear it happens if you are giving formula or cow’s milk. While the crying and hard stool and blood is scary, it isn’t that uncommon.

    While exclusively breastfed infants do not require water to drink unless there is a specific reason, I imagine a formula fed or cow milk fed infant may need it. There are various remedies that work well for constipation, but I hesitate to recommend something for such a small child.

    I’d suggest that you check very carefully that you are not using more formula than recommended for the quantity of water while mixing, or switch to exclusive breastfeeding for a while. It is very common when feeding cow milk to very young babies to mix it with water – about 3:1 ratio of milk to water. Are you giving her the milk directly? That is the first thing that comes to mind for such a small infant. If it doesn’t help, meet a doctor.

    I am sorry I cannot help you more, but having breastfed my child exclusively for the first six months (not even water) – I don’t feel confident of speaking on what the matter could be.

  5. vijayanand

    Dear all, we were using woodwards gripe water only, but my mom told that we can try bonnisan, we were blesses with twins so that we started to use bonnisan, the lady in the m for last 2 days and i found the edical it self said woodwards is moving faster not this, we are trying it for the last 2 days and i feel the twin babies digestion has improved and the younger one is sleeping better,

  6. sharu

    my 6 months old daughter is continous digestive problems constipation and gas problems.when I gave bonnisan these problems resolved.but she developed restlessness.but I m not sure that whether bonnisan cause restlessness.can some help me to sort out this

  7. Shreya Rajaraman

    I started giving my baby bonnisan just 3 days back . Ad it’s ayurvedic u am sure it won’t harm the baby but is it okay to give it everyday ?? Not worried about habit but just want to make sure it’s won’t have any other side effects .. my lo is 3 months old want to give it to her till she settles down with solids .. because of bonnisan she is definitely sleeping better

  8. Sabatini

    Hi friends

    I have a 1m old dd.. id like to know when to give bonnisan.. morning and night ? Before or after bf… if i give her before bf i notice she spits up.. has this happened to any of you.. please suggest. Thanks

  9. Priya

    Hi Friends,
    My baby is a month old, I started giving bonnisan to my little one since two weeks now. It has better results, earlier she used to cry alot due to gas and now she is relieved. I give it thrice a day as mentioned. I also tried skipping one dose but she comes back to same position, so never miss that.

  10. Ishita

    My baby is 1.5mnths old and suffering from colic.
    We have tried colicaid and now are using bonisan but the problem doesn’t seem to get solved permanently.
    Should we try neopeptine instead or bonnisan is fine??
    Confused which medicine to use to get him permanant relief.

  11. nalini

    I have a grandson who 3 weeks old and is colic we tried telement drops in every feed it does help a little but some one recommended bonnisan it help him and relieve all the gas . It is safe to give your child Bonnisan we give him 3 time a day . We also substitute Telement gripe water that also helps without alcohol

  12. Joies

    I too need response for same question as Sabatini. Kindly advice when to administer Bonnisan for my 3 weeks old baby. Before or after feeding and the time gap please.

  13. NE

    Dear LO is 2 months old (corrected; 14 weeks early) and suffering from acid reflux gas colic pain constipation ..he is taking gaviscon ranitidine and Omeprazole for acid reflux and lactulose for constipation but seems like he is in real pain. cant sleep properly. someone mentioned bonnisan to me. is it safe to give him with so many medicines he is already taking? v r meeting consultant today but not sure they r going to prescribe it as they stopped his infacol.. saying he is getting too many medicines. pls suggest as my baby is in real pain n can only sleep when cuddled. TIA

  14. Ariel Baboolal

    Hi my baby is just 3 weeks old he was a nicu baby for 5 days because he had ttn… .. now since home I’ve tried 6 different milk with him.. each has a different side effect..nsome was diarrhea others he would vomit it right back out.. now his pediatrician changed it to soy milk which he brings up.. I did use bonnisan in a few of his formula.. but I stopped.. my baby has blood in all his stools past 3 days that’s y we changed to a soy milk but it won’t stay down.. help me please.. dont know what to do…. does changing milk to fast cause any of it

  15. Nikita .

    My Son is 2 months old and exclusively breastfed.
    He dont poop regularly doctor prescribed bonissan for constipation which helped us for regular bowel movements but with tremendous hunger increased. He is very restless and unable sleep at all.
    Kindly suggest should I continue bonissan?

  16. Kgomotso

    I buy Bonnisan today since my baby struggle make poop. So I want to know how long work it’s one month since struggle to make poop

  17. vidyut Post author

    Hi, I saw your comment late. Bonnizan may help, but best thing to do is hug him close and hold him upright and talk softly and boring. Feeding helps too. It comforts as well as burps.Babies can be erratic in early months. It will pass. lol. My checklist was check diaper, check if hungry, check if in pain, check if overtired. Sometimes you just end up waiting them out.

  18. vidyut Post author

    I saw your post very late. Just now. What an awful situation to be in. How is he now? It can be very hard to cope as a parent. I swear I was fearless before this one was born. Mine still has ongoing health problems. Sometimes all we can do is keep them comfortable. Good luck.

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