Happy birthday mom

By | December 7, 2009

I haven’t posted in a while, as I was busy with all kinds of stuff. Not easy being a mom-cum-businesswoman-cum-housewife-cum-webmaster. I’m not very good with prioritizing, and tend to forget about one thing when I become engrossed with another.

Coming to the sharing in this post, it was my birthday. For Nisarga, it was his mom’s first birthday.

We celebrated in a very special way – it was just the two of us at home. My mother-in-law was in Pune and so was my husband. Aakash went out somewhere in the evening, and my baby and I spent some time celebrating.

First, we watched the jamun tree outside the window for a while. Then, we put on some songs and danced. And finally, we had a laughing session.

Yesterday, hereally laughed out loud. Till then, he used to make sounds, but they were shaky and didn’t really sound like laughs. Yesterday, we laughed a lot and they sounded like laughs, and this guy found everything I did funny.

What a wonderful birthday gift!!!

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