Mother's love is extra blind

By | November 26, 2009
Nisarga signed milk at 2.5 months!!! What a smart baby!

Nisarga signed milk at 2.5 months!!! What a smart baby!

Okay, this is what happened.

I was sitting at the computer, working on this site with Nisarga behind me fast asleep. I realized he was awake when I heard his usual shout “aaae”. I turned around and spoke with him, and he responded with a huge grin. I could literally see the bulb light in his mind that he can call me.

The more I spoke, the more thrilled he was. Huge grins, cooing, laughing out loud, the works. One happy excited baby. I immediately got my video camera out to record it.

Like any self-respecting baby, he chooses when to show-off, and this wasn’t it. The more I tried, the quieter he became. So I put the phone away, and took him out to the living room to his grandmother, thinking that he would once again start smiling with all the attention. His grandmother heard, and was delighted, and we spent another 10-15 minutes or so trying to get him to laugh. No go.

Finally, he started whimpering, and we realized that he was probably hungry. So I took him in, and fed him. He promptly fell asleep.

Then, as I was looking at the videos I’d shot, I realized that my lovely son had been signing milk all through, and the initial delight was not just about calling me, which he was doing quite consistently for a couple of days, but more likely because he thought he could ask for milk and mommy came to feed him. Alas, I imagine I’m teaching him, but guess who was the utter idiot in this episode?

I was so thrilled with his laughter, that I had missed the big picture staring in my face. My son was calling to me and asking for milk!!! No crying, nothing. Interaction. WOW!!!!!!

If I could just do it over, I’d pick him up and feed him immediately once our initial laughing was done so that he would indeed know that asking for milk would get him milk…..

Posting the tribute to my blindness



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