Neopeptine drops for infants with gas

By | November 11, 2009

Okay, like I said that the baby’s loose bowel motions got sorted by Bonnisan, the other helpful miracle we had with the infant gas and colic was Neopeptine drops for infants. We had been asked not to give gripe water to Nisarga. Opinions vary on this from gripe water containing something that is risky for infants to accusations of doctors wanting to promote branded medicines instead of traditional remedies. Whatever the truth is (and we never investigated) we were not giving him gripe water to prevent infant gas. However, considering that a friend who gave her child gripe water regularly had similar problems to ours, so I’m not certain the gripe water helps.

There are two things you need to know about infant gas. The first is that it is very painful and a leading cause of sleep deprivation for new parents. The other is that while medicines help, the biggest thing you can do is burp the baby and often. This simply cannot be repeated often enough.

Neopeptine drops have digestive enzymes, and really helped cut the amount of abdominal pain from gas discomfort the baby goes through. Unfortunately, it took us a while to discover how to use it.

Neopeptine drops for infants are available over the counter at most medical shops. So, if you are using Neopeptine drops for infant gas, here are some tips, which we wish someone had given us:

  • You have likely been advised to give Neopeptine drops only for extreme colic and exhaust other methods of soothing abdominal pain first. This makes you tend to wait for quite some time before the baby’s distress forces you to use it. You end up with a baby too worked up to patiently take drops and then too worn out and fussy to simply settle quietly. Don’t wait. Use it at the first sign of gas.
  • If your baby is suffering from intestinal gas, don’t give Neopeptine drops only when he is suffering abdominal pain. Give them for a day or two after getting relief from stomach pain as well, as long as you aren’t giving him more than three times, though we have given him four or even five doses once on the first day, when he was in a lot of trouble.
  • Give the drops before feeding. Pause. Then feed. Burp. Feed. Burp. Feed…. did I mention burp?
  • Neopeptine helps baby move the gas easier, but you can help it along. Give drops, burp, feed, burp, wait for some time, burp again.
  • Moving the baby’s legs will also help him pass gas, which will not hurt your situation.

Have you used Neopeptine? How did you use it? How was your experience?

41 thoughts on “Neopeptine drops for infants with gas

  1. Ansari

    My baby have trouble in stomach gas problem, I gave him Neopeptine he’s fine. Thanks you Neopeptine Drops.

  2. Ujjal

    My baby is in 2 yrs only and having NEOPEPTINE drops for her Gas problem. May continue this medicine for regular after meal?
    Is there any affect to using daily after Meal.

  3. amrita

    i am giving neopeptine to my 5 week old baby after food twice daily…..but it seems that he doesn’t like the taste and acts that will vomit sometimes he does also….so what should i do

  4. mom Post author

    Hi Ujjal,

    I’m no doctor, but I don’t think you should be giving this regularly. However, you should try Bonnisan, if you think there is a need to support his digestion with something regular. It worked miracles for us.

    Hi Amrita,

    I don’t know what you should do, because every baby is different, but vomitting in itself is not such a big deal for a 5 week old. Nisarga used to quite regularly drink far more than he could cope with and return some, so to say. Our supply is also quite strong at that time, so its quite easy for the little one to throw up some. Very likely, if its on its way up, adding neopeptine only hastens the process.

    Burping helps a lot with this. If you burp him well, the chances become far less that he will throw up. Hang in there. Before you know it, you’ll have found your feet.



    what is the dosages of neopeptine drop for 22 month baby

  6. mom Post author

    I am not a doctor, but I used to give my son around 8-10 drops or so.

  7. shkaali

    my baby is 25 days and he is craying all the time
    and there is sound in his stomach
    all the day he is trying to pass the gasses but he cant
    i tryed infacol but it not working with him
    the bonnissan before or after feeding ?

  8. mom Post author

    You could try both ways it isn’t a medicine with risks of overdose as such, but it will probably help more to rub clockwise circles on his back very gently – use fingertips – that gently. Also try moving his legs like he was cycling and squatting. All this will help the gas move.

  9. Rakhi Dasgupta

    My baby is26 days.should i use Neopeptine drops regularly,if there would be any side effect…plz suggest

  10. vidyut Post author

    As far as I know, they shouldn’t harm, but it is best to ask a doctor. Also remember a lot of the problem can be solved with good old holding upright and burping.

  11. Geetha Damodaran

    My baby is 42 days old. ..She used to cry a lot in the night n thus the doc has suggested to give neopeptine drops everyday around 8 drops. .I give ber only 5 drops out even lesser than that. Isomehow get the feeling that she gets drowsy after that. . Will it affect her in any way and make her habituated to the medicine.

  12. vidyut Post author

    To the best of my knowledge, there is no harm as such. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to get habituated to it other than getting relief from gas – which is a good thing. Will help her sleep better if she isn’t troubled by gas.

  13. Anil

    hi mera beta 14 month ka h or usko teeth bhi nikal rhe hain. Waise sab kuch normal h but jab khana khata h to vomity kr deta h to neopeptine dena theek h

  14. vidyut Post author

    de sakte hain, but it may not help so much. Depends on reason for vomiting. If it is gas, then it will help, but often while teething babies will put things in their mouth, which can be unclean and cause stomach upsets. Neopeptine may not help with that.

  15. vami

    My child is 50 days old she is suffering from loose motion of green watery should i give neopeptine drops and how much dose is adequate in emergency as my doctor is not available for some days

  16. vidyut Post author

    I don’t think Neopeptine will help with loose motions. These are common with newborns. I’d recommend exclusive breastfeeding and giving nothing else – exclusive breastfeeding is best and ignore the loose motions unless she also seems ill in other ways – less alert or in pain for more than a few hours.

  17. showkat ahmad lone

    hi my baby is 2 months old..but from starting to till now he is not sleeping in can my baby will sleep in night well..plz help

  18. vidyut Post author

    This is how it is, pretty much. They take a while to settle. Keeping room dark, rocking him may help. Hold him upright on your shoulder so it helps him burp. Have a routine. He will settle in slowly. Never show impatience. Agitation will further wake him.

  19. Rumpa Majumder

    My 21 day old baby didn’t sleep the whole day. Doctor prescribed neopeptine. After giving 6drops she is sleeping for more than 3 hours. How long should I wait to breast feed her.

  20. Neha

    hi, i used to give neopeptine to my 2 month baby, and i think it is good to him. what fears me is that after giving that he felt asleep. is it ok or not or any thing else with the composition of neo peptine.

  21. Varsha

    Kindly suggest me, is there any harm in giving neopeptin for long time?

  22. Ajay

    My baby is 45 days old.he is varming and not what can i do please suggest me..

  23. moumita

    baby has overdosed with neopeptine drops.abou 20 drops are given in one day.what to do now???

  24. Rakesh

    Hi my daughter is 17 months and is too fussy with her daily meal . Please let me know if there is any medicine that I can get.

  25. vidyut Post author

    If she is just choosy and not ill in any way, maybe she isn’t hungry. Try varying food you offer her till you find something she likes. Nisarga has phases. For first 5 years of his life he hated bananas. Never ate them. If we forced him, he would gag. If we fooled him into eating, he would still gag. I gave up trying. Then last year I just offered on whim. He accepted, ate. Loved it. Since then he absolutely likes bananas. In fact, he doesn’t like most other fruits now except mangoes. Some days he likes chicken, other days not. Eggs he likes daily. Also green vegetables he always likes. But still, some tastes he doesn’t enjoy. Try to find out what she likes and offer more of that. I don’t think it is such a big deal that they eat “everything” so much as they eat healthy food, eat to their fill and are happy and healthy.

    If I misunderstood you and you mean that she has problems eating meals… it is one of the joys of parenthood. Not. Try burping. Try offering a few bites at a time, then stopping, then offering again later after some time. Sometimes, on rare occasions, if Nisarga got very hungry also he seemed to get confused and act like he wasn’t hungry – when he was younger. Asking again a few minutes later allowed him to think things through and decide that he wanted the food after all. Important is not to force. That complicates everything.

  26. vidyut Post author

    I have no idea. Probably won’t harm, but ask a doctor.

  27. vidyut Post author

    Rather late to reply to this, but just in case anyone else is in a similar situation. Varies. If she is otherwise healthy, shouldn’t harm if you let her sleep it off for a bit (and get a nap yourself). She’ll wake up hungry soon enough. If she’s premature or otherwise underweight or in a situation where you must feed her every 2-3 hours because the doctor says so, then wake her up – a diaper change should usually do the trick enough to get her to start feeding.

  28. Natalie Roberts

    My one month old son had severe gas pain and after trying lots of remedies, we got luck with Babies magic tea.

  29. mamta

    Mera baby 55 days ka hai usko aksar gas ki problem rehti hai aur vo all tym rota rehta hai…sota toh bilkul b nhi hai…

  30. Sree Vani

    Hi my baby is 55days old. Heidi suffering from gas. So doctor suggested neopeptine drops daily once before bed. I see him sleeping well. Does it reduce the gas and also does it contain any anesthesia. Pls suggest.

  31. Rekha

    Hi my baby is9 weaks old he doing poo with lots of air bubbles what should i do…

  32. vidyut Post author

    Clean him, change diaper. Pretty much all you can do. This is normal for infants, particularly exclusively breastfed ones. He will grow out of it. Burping and rubbing back/tummy gently may help if he is uncomfortable. Another thing worth checking is whether he is latching on correctly while feeding and not gulping a lot of air.

  33. vidyut Post author

    No anesthesia. He is sleeping better probably because the discomfort from gas is reduced. Babies that young sleep all the time anyway.

  34. vidyut Post author

    hold him upright and stroke his back gently. It will help a lot with gas. Also moving his legs in cycling motions when you lay him to change diaper can help pass gas. This is a phase. Easy for some babies, nightmare for others. I remember Nisarga had a phase when the only way he would sleep was upright with me holding him and woke immediately if I put him down. I spent a lot of nights in a chair in front of my computer in a dark room with a sleeping baby draped on my shoulder. I used to work or surf all night, terrified of falling asleep and dropping him, but he used to wake up immediately if I put him down.

  35. Asma

    Is there a different types of neopeptine???

    Like there is different neopeptine for months baby and different neopeptine for yearly baby???

    Please tell me because i didn’t see and giving 1 year neopeptine for my 4 month baby

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