Sunshine after cloudy days

By | November 25, 2009

Today was a fabulous day for this mother and baby.

Nisarga had been suffering from bouts of inconsolable crying for the last couple of days, which had made him pretty miserable. Would have been funny if it weren’t so heart breaking. He used to look really puzzled by his own crying….

Anyway, that is in the past. Another doctor’s visit revealed that He had put on another 150 grams in 5 days. Not bad. I’m proud of my darling son. His weight is now 4.350kg and climbing.

aji-nisargaAfter many days, he woke up cheerful and bright rather than quiet and unhappy. The highlight of today was that my parents visited, and for once, Nisarga woke up when they came, and spent quite a bit of time cooing to them. My parents were rather hesitant with him, seeing as how they don’t handle him all that often, and he is quite young. Nisarga had no such hesitations and talked to them to his heart’s content. Delighted, delighted grandparents. Till today, they hadn’t had any interaction as such with him.

They were quite thrilled with how much he’s grown and how easily he was talking. He did other stuff too. Smiled a lot, signed milk, which unfortunately wasn’t much understood by my parents for how special it was…

Here’s a pic of mom holding Nisarga today.

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