Thank you Google!

By | December 21, 2009

Just got an email from Google with my New Year gift. It was a link to a page with an animation of the earth spinning, and this message:

This gift is for someone very special: Everyone

Because charities are experiencing their toughest year in decades, we have committed $20 million to helping those who help us all. Our gift to you is a gift to them.

Followed by a list of charities around the globe.

I keep being surprised and touched with the way Google is sensitive to people. Be it a no-clutter search page for those in search of something, highly intuitive features to their services, or something out of the blue – like this gift. Not to mention I just love their whimsical sense of humor too.

Of course, like all mass emails from Google, the reply field was ‘no-reply’, so I thought I’d post my thanks here.

A big thank you to you, Google! I can’t afford to support on such a scale, much as I want to see it happen. You have brightened up my new year. This is the best ‘mass-gift’ I have received. EVER.

Thank you once more

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