The last few months

By | February 13, 2011

I haven’t had time to write the last few months. I got busy, then there was some problem with the blog that I didn’t have time to diagnose…

Anyway, much has happened in the last few months, and some of it I’ll be writing separate posts about. On his health front, my earlier concerns are coming true. Nisarga still isn’t sitting independently or crawling and he is almost a year and a half old. We are doing physiotherapy and meeting doctors and all that, and the general agreement seems to be that physio is what is going to make all the difference regardless of what the matter is.

The physio is…. okay, I guess. I find that the Feldenkrais work I do with him at home helps him far more than the physiotherapy, which often gets him ‘stiffer’. He resists a lot, cries often, though I try to stop as soon as he cries or persuade him in other ways. He still hasn’t been able to do anything the girl tries to get him to do. On the other hand, like I helped him with the rolling over and other things, he is W-sitting on his own at home (they aren’t doing that or anything like that in physio).

So I am really wondering if I should just let it all go and do what I can at home, but I’m scared. If it doesn’t work, I’ll be blamed for ‘playing with his life’ with my beliefs and silly ideas. On the other hand, he seems to learn even better at home if he’s taken a break from the physio and isn’t so stiff. So I currently try and manage both, take a few days off to help him learn at home if something new seems to be coming up….

They want some tests done. Genetics and metabolism. Strange thing is that before this, they haven’t even asked for so much as a blood test. Surely one would begin investigating with the more obvious and common things? Sigh. I’m learning about the medical world real fast, and the more I see, the more I mistrust everything.

None of the doctors so far haven been willing to even consider the possibility of a corelation between the vaccine and his strange regression and they insist that there is no way to investigate that – so how do vaccines become legal anyway, if there is no way to investigate if they are doing harm? I’ll write details about that in another post.

Anyway, enough of this ‘health stuff’. It is depressing, and frankly it doesn’t mean anything to our day. We just go ahead and enjoy each day as it comes.

Nisarga is getting into his personality. Definite likes and dislikes. This makes the day more interesting.

And oh, he’s started really, really enjoying going out. So, if he passes the door, happens to look in that direction, hears words associated with going out, sees anyone dressed to go out, and a million other triggers, this boy is ready to go. He rides your shoulder till it will almost dislocate till you head towards outside. As long as you are headed in the right direction, everything is good. Head in the wrong direction (towards home) and big problem. He protests, explains, chatters nineteen to the dozen, gives you little charming looks designed to melt your heart ……. the idea is that he shouldn’t be imprisoned (at home).

Some of his protests can get so loud that I think in a few years I’ll have cops keeping an eye on me for child abuse or something – why does this woman’s son always refuse to go home? hmmm… 😀

Loves music – any music.

Hates to sleep. Wakes up at the slightest noise unless we manage to tire him out really well. He’s like a security guard on night shift. If he catches himself falling asleep, he will jerk awake and do something energetic to chase it away 😀

What more…? This is an incoherent post, but posting it anyway, since its been a long time. I’ve got photos and other stuff I’ll be uploading soon.

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