10 months old today

By | July 2, 2010

I haven’t posted in a long time, but I thought today was special. Nisarga is 10 months old today. I did absolutely nothing special, because Nisarga did something I’d like to remember forever as a memory of his 10 month birthday.

I woke up this morning to tiny feet kicking my chest. The guy had turned 180 degrees and was trying to nurse through my shirt 😀 We did the bed milk thing and when he nodded off, I promptly slept. Oh, but he hadn’t nodded off. He started batting at me and babbling. Desperately hoping for sleep, I clutched him to my chest and rolled over to the other side, depositing him between the husband and me.

Apparently Prince rug-rat knows which of his subjects are functional at what times of the day, because he promptly ignored me and proceeded to do the batting at face and kicking chest routine with Raka, who mumbled baby stuff at him. This delighted the little guy so much that he sarted to laugh out loud, babble and roll all and crawl over the bed. Vibrant. Loving life. Enjoying the attention, and the day was just beginning!

Charmed out of our sleep, the husband and I meekly moved to the edges of his playground watching our miracle not just welcome, but kick the day into action. His delightful mood lasted through the day, with loads of talk and laughter. It was only as he settled for his morning nap that we remembered that he was 10 months old today. Of course! The little guy knew 😀

So, in the absence of anything special for you guys to enjoy, I’m doing something I’ve been promising for a long time. I’m uploading some of my favourite photos from the time I’ve been MIA here. Enjoy!

baby and mom - casual moment

Nisarga and I having a good time

mother and baby in toy train

Nisarga and I at the Matheran train station, resigned to the train moving when it will.

infant in baby chair

Nisarga loves his chair, but after I saw what he did with his toys, I scrapped plans for letting him play with food

mother and baby lying in the park

We had a blast playing and talking in the park (and rolling around)

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