Tests done, nothing clearer

By | September 21, 2011

So we had been asked to do four tests to help understand what is happening to Nisarga. Did all four.

  1. Eye Opinion: Eyes fine
  2. BERA: normal.
  3. Metabolic screening: amino acids (I think) found in urine, but nothing major.
  4. Karyotype tests: No numerical or structural abnormalities.

Earlier MRI was normal.

He has some problems with constipation since we have moved to Vile Parle, because he doesn’t move around as much with my parents constantly picking him up. I keep reminding them to put him down, but I suppose, that is grandparents… anyway, the doctor prescribed some ayurvedic medicines and recommended increasing fiber in his diet to help him pass stools more easily.

Pretty much what I knew, by now… as a mother, I suppose you end up picking these things up automatically… but it was good for my father to hear, that I wasn’t being a neglectful mother by putting Nisarga on the floor or asking them to put him on the floor and let him explore.

Now what? We met doctor S.M. Vaidya, who is supposed to be one of the good guys in Vile Parle. He thinks we should now schedule an appointment with his pediatric neurologist Dr. Anaita Hegde, as planned. He says while all tests may be normal, even their being normal is a clue to someone looking at the whole picture, and she is an experienced doctor.

So I suppose that is what comes next.

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