A day for heading out

By | September 26, 2011

So, Nisarga has discovered that there is a whole new exciting world out there. And he wants to go out. out. out. All. The. Time.

Bring him back from a walk and he turns right back to the door.

To summarize since he woke up at 8:15am today (and it is 9:30am now)….

  • Woke up, smiled, pointed to the door. So I took him there, we rang the door bell a few times, rode the lift to the ground floor and back.
  • He wanted to go out. I took him along to buy milk.
  • He wanted to go out. We rode the lift down, went to the gate of the building, watched cars drive past.
  • He wanted to go out. We went and said “Hi” to the neighbour
  • He wanted to go out. By now, his grandmother was free. He is taking her out just now as I type.

This boy definitely inherits both genes and impatience from both parents. God save us :p

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