Bhaubeej 2011

By | October 29, 2011

So, Bhaubeej, or Bhaidooj, as the Hindi people call it was yesterday, and Nisarga had a blast.

Actually his day hadn’t been so great since he had been constipated again after quite a while of good stomach, so he was fussy. But all that changed when he reached there. Normally the boy who yells and forces people to pay attention to him instead of talking with each other was delighted to be at the center of everyone’s attention.

Reminded me of what another aunt said. “In a family gathering, the babies thrive in the middle of the room” Absolutely true for this guy at least. Not much to say – the pics will say it all (including a brand new picture for his profile).

We had a pretty good time, actually. He played a lot, we talked a lot, his recent development into sitting more surely got a lot of approving noises… more on that later.

The food was good. Nisarga ate first and slept on time, so we ate stress free… like clockwork to the point of him waking up just as things got boring and wanting to poop (which meant we headed home while others talked themselves down to normalcy) just the way his dad and mom tend to do, so perhaps it is hereditary 😀

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