Diwali visit to grandparents

By | October 27, 2011

We went to Virar to meet my in-laws over lunch at the temple. My father-in-law is too old to travel much and hadn’t met Nisarga in months, and Diwali was a time when they anyway want us to come and pay our respects at the temple. (no, it doesn’t matter that I am atheist – apparently god doesn’t discriminate)

Anyway, it was somewhat a disaster in terms of crowded trains, heat really sucking the life out of us all, particularly Nisarga who got really cranky. A hurried lunch and hassled afternoon. Things got better after we all napped for a while in the afternoon.

So a brief time before we left was what the doting grandparents really got with Nisarga, and we wrung every last bit of attention out of it. Some of the pictures tell the story.

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