Teething before 2 months

By | October 30, 2009

Is Nisarg teething?

Everyone I shared this doubt with thinks I’m nuts. For one, he was born early. For another, he’s not even two months old yet. Its supposed to begin after four months and supposed to be even later for babies who come early.

Since yesterday, he’s been fussy on and off for no apparent reason. I put him down to nap, then he wakes up almost immediately after, except for the night, which so far continues to be blessedly smooth.

He’s suddenly started drooling, biting his fingers and sometimes (rarely) sucking his knuckles. I can see two white bits under the gum where his two lower front teeth could come. I can also feel those teeth with my finger, though they are inside.

To me, it really seems like he’s teething.

Dayum, this motherhood thing is one thing after another. Seems just yesterday I was complaining about not being able to sleep because of backaches from a huge front. Now, I can sleep very well, but am still exhausted. First the birth, then coming home, breastfeeding every two hours, diarrhoea, gas pains, figuring out pee communication, worrying about his weight gain all through and just as I was celebrating two days of a regular healthy infant, its now this teething thing, or something that seems remarkably like it.

Anyone else had a child that teethed this early? Developmentally, he should be counted a month old or something. He’s still very tiny and not on the weight charts for his age at all. I’m just hoping that this doesn’t create a setback in his weight gain….

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  1. Krithika Ramalingam

    Vidyut, I am following your blog from alt-ed (Rahul pointed it out to me) and I hope you dont mind my posting here. No, you are not nuts. When our preemie was 3 months adjusted age (4.5 months chronological age) I swear felt tooth buds, he typically drooled, gnawed on his fingers, acted like he was unhappy about something. Most people told not before 8 months, etc. He did eventually cut his teeth only when he was 14 months, but I did feel those teeth buds and swollen gums. Saner voices told me teething can start early, but may also take a very long time.
    Our DS was around 4.3 kg at 1.5 months adjusted age and he was in the 5 percentile of his charts. It maybe worthwhile to enquire into if the charts are for breastfed babies that WHO recommends.
    If my son was on the charts at 1.5 months at 4.3 kg, then your child should be on the charts. Also, are you looking at charts for preemies or the general chart?
    p.s. If I remember his weights after almost two and a half years, perhaps you can guess how much I was obsessed about his weights then. He is still in the 15 percentile or so, not the 50 percentile or the average weight. But he has been largely healthy (except for a genetic tendency to wheeze). What I am trying to say here is I think you're doing good.

  2. Vidyut

    Hi Krithika,

    Uh… I guess you may be right. He sucks his fist now (as opposed to biting it earlier). The buds are pretty much the same.

    I am using breastfeeding charts, and alas, he's still not on them. he's a little over 2 months now, and almost 4kg. His height seems to be fine, and no bones are visible, round cheeks, but still not on the charts. I guess he also inherits a slender frame from me. Though since he was born almost 4 weeks early, he'd be almost 1.5 months adjusted, so just touching the bottom end of the charts. Most important, he's cheerful and active.

    Heh, yeah. We're doing good. Its just that I panicked at the thought of early teething because I've heard kids lose weight then…

  3. Vidyut

    *sheepish* I only worry about him, when the weight numbers come up. Till then we are a happy pair. Suddenly, I remember what the numbers "should be" and go into a tizzy for a couple of hours.

  4. Krithika Ramalingam

    Yes, I do relate to that. Looking forward to reading more from on this blog 🙂

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