Doctor’s visit in Parle

By | August 25, 2011

Much has happened since the previous posts. I finally gave up on trying to patch the marriage and have moved back to the father, which isn’t a big improvement, but still as step in the right direction.

So, we needed a pediatrician in Parle, and we went to one this time. And what an ace!!! Nisarga has five tests pending – all of them off beat and not easily found, so most doctors kept pointing us to Jaslok, where their appointment procedure was confusing, and it is an hour’s drive at least, so multiple appointments would be a pain.

In an effort to get what we could done nearby, so that at least the agenda on the day we did go to Jaslok was lesser, I got the opthalmic testing done yesterday. The doctor found nothing of concern, but recommended another test – again at Jaslok.

Today’s doctor was able to provide us options that were literally within fifteen minutes at home, plus definite contact numbers and so on. Very useful.

He also was the first doctor to acknowledge that Nisarga’s spine indeed seems to have a curve. Most doctor’s had shrugged it off as something of less consequence. So I wasn’t being paranoid and his back does have a curve.

Nisarga was his usual engaging self while we waited, and lost patience rapidly once we went in. Luckily, the location of the clinic is very charming and child friendly. Here are some pictures of Nisarga from when we waited.

At the end of the day, we are to do four more tests. The Karyotyping, Metabolic screening, BERA and eye opinion. Pretty much as planned originally. Just confirmed. However, he provided us on information where we can get these done without having to go too far. Also phone numbers from each place for getting appointments. Much improvement over the crazy attempts with Jaslok – very strange that no one in their ENT seemed interested in picking the phone and the one time they did, they sounded like they hadn’t heard of BERA, even though the receptionist had connected me with great confidence.

Earlier, most of the advice had been to go to Jaslok, which had been a big problem for me both in terms of expense as well as managing without assistance with Nisarga. So this is a most welcome visit in terms of making things possible, even though nothing different is known or happening on the medical front because of it. For the information of anyone else who may need it, I’ll share the details as and when we do the tests.

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