Meeting Dokya

By | July 17, 2011

One of our friends from the mountaineering days is Dr. Milind Chitale. We had been planning to take Nisarga and his medical papers to him for a friend’s opinion on his issues and treatment.

Accordingly, finally we took Nisarga today. My father had come along, which was a bit awkward for me, because there were things I wanted to speak with Dokya I was not comfortable with the father knowing.

Luckily, because of the hurry and stress around the leaving to meet him (both my parents are nags and uncaring of quality of process or consideration for people as long as the action is done) Nisarga started crying almost as soon as Dokya was done taking a look at him and his body movements etc. So I suggested that the father take him and head home, while I continue the conversation and return separately.

That was good, because we were able to speak about Nisarga in considerable detail.

He disagreed with Dr Parul’s advice to wait and see what happens, though he agreed in the sense that there was no point doing anything before the test results arrived and stressed that the tests must be done at earliest.

I think I trusted this advice more than anyone else. Maybe because he was also a friend? So it is decided. We need to do opthalmic testing, BERA, Karyotyping, metabolic screening. About the expense, he said it might be better to go to KEM, which is far away, but far cheaper and has good doctors.

He asked for a few days to find out which doctors to meet and when to go. So, that is decided.

I also spoke with him about our break up and my depression and he suggested that psychotherapy might be a good idea, but we could wait and see in the sense of Nisarga being more urgent and how the shift to the parents impacts me.

Left his home with a huge sense of relief. Finally I had a plan of action in hand solidly. Surprising how I had reached such a stage of unsurety that even written test prescriptions were not enough to prod me into action and it took a friend with the knowledge and right to go “do this, then this, then this. Don’t think” to make me feel able of doing exactly what I was supposed to do all through.

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