Dosa with Nisarga

By | November 20, 2011

Today when we went out for a walk, Nisarga had already been suffering cabin fever at home (which is a normal state of being) and was desperate to go out. Once out, he was in a grand mood, excited and all. Met kids in the compound somewhat reluctantly – he wanted to be on the move.

On the road, he was happy, animated. Enjoying. When we passed a dosa stall, he almost fell off the pram as he turned to keep it in sight. I have started recognizing this – he does it with rickshaws too.

Dosas being made on a street food stall.

So I treated him to a dosa at that stall. Butter cheese dosa without chutney. Parked his pram on the street facing the traffic for entertainment, and squatted right next to it and we shared our first street food looking at cars come in.

Was good fun, if unorthodox – this squatting next to a pram, and talking with a kid and sharing a dosa, but I found it very charming. Good fun to do on an evening walk.

Good fun. Here is a pic of the dosa guy from another day.

Really like this dosa stall, because they make yummy dosas and are clean

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