Rediscovering Water

By | November 25, 2011

To make a long story short, the water storage tank at home overflows when some conditions are met, and those conditions got met today. The result was a big puddle of water in the passage outside the toilet and bathroom.

This is the passage. The area before Nisarga, near the tub of washing gets totally flooded. As it did today. With the mother-in-law busy in the kitchen, I decided to mop it up before Nisarga got into it. I started mopping, and as usual, Nisarga creep-raced out of the bedroom. Before I could put down the mop and wash my hands, he was well into the puddle of water, staring at the water in amazement.

I was like… since he’s already wet, why not? let him enjoy this new experience too. So I splashed the water a bit. AND he broke into laughter. He immediately started splashing the water. This is new – this instantly understanding something. I let him play for a bit and took him back into the bedroom to get him dry. Not a chance. He wanted to go right back there into the fun.

So I distracted him by talking about it. I asked him how he played in the water, and he made the splashing action!!!!! This is beyond new. This is really communicating something not immediately happening. Wow!!!

Realizing that he wasn’t going to quit pining for the water, I ran him a warm bath, and we had a splashing time and I thoroughly tired him out. Right now, he is with his grandmother, having dinner, almost asleep

Earlier in the day, he had started reaching out for things beyond his reach. He had started answering “How does Nisarga sing?” asked by Raka with “aaa…aaa…aaa”. By the afternoon, he was answering that if anyone asked.

He is already using his body more and more, using his hands to manipulate objects better, and using his legs far more than before. The stiffness is decreasing, though he still creeps with them stiff straight, as you see in the picture.

One week post the doctor’s visit, and the increase in the dose of Syndopa and the new medicine… this is where we are. I am so thrilled, I can’t stop grinning. After over a year of struggling all alone, listening to all the wise words about how his problems were my fault and I should not neglect him, etc, finally it is clearly visible that they weren’t. The medicine is distinctly helping.

No words to say how big a load off my chest this is. If these are the changes in one week, I am confident that with the Feldenkrais and the medicine, we’ll be fine.

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