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Another day at the hospital

Another Wednesday, another trip to the hospital. Our first since the big Cerebral Palsy clinic day, which had gone far less dramatic than we had been hyped up to believe. On the positive side, the session for speech therapy went well, with the therapist giving us several ideas on encouraging speech that ranged from toy… Read More »

Beautiful, brilliant day of learning

I had been getting a bit pushy with Nisarga’s movement lessons. Needless to say, it was counterproductive. He was getting bored rapidly or cranky. I was getting frustrated at the lack of a breakthrough. So yesterday, I decided to back off (long overdue). I spent time reading about the Feldenkrais Method, reminding myself of what… Read More »

Helping your special needs child move

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, any kind of professional related with child development or even very experienced in helping children, but I am able to use the Feldenkrais Method enough to help my son move better and I am learning daily. Here is a list of some of my own most important insights that… Read More »

Living with my son’s Cerebral Palsy

The last day since that tentative diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy has been surreal. In many ways, nothing has changed. While my husband was very resistant to the idea of a handicapped child, I had long reconciled myself to Nisarga never being “normal” – whatever that is. For me, Nisarga is normal. He is my only… Read More »