Fun at the AIIPMR

By | October 10, 2013

These are two activities at the AIIPMR that really helped Nisarga. He enjoyed doing them, and he was helped by them. In contrast, yesterday’s manipulations with his foot have left him with those stiff legs I was hoping we could leave in the past…

Tracking the impact of various elements of therapy on him, so we can choose the more useful with time. Anyway, enjoy these pics 😀

This is a foam tank full of spongy balls.


They put Nisarga in this tank of balls and he was happy like a fish in water. The balls seem to provide slight support as well as sort of suspend him so that he is free to take the posture he is most comfortable in, regardless of gravity. He was picking up the balls one by one and throwing them into the bucket.



This was another very useful activity, where he was made to sit straddled on this suspended roller and the roller was swung gently. I imagine it helps with trunk control, since at least that is what I could feel his back up to as I supported him. I sneaked in a few Feldenkrais touches and movements and I found him responding really well. The changes lasted well after the session, for a couple of days at least.

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