What you see is what you get

By | November 4, 2009

What you see is what you get
I live with innocence.

Scary innocence like I never thought possible
Courage to be defenceless in the unknown
And face and meet whatever comes along
Till I want to hide him away to keep him safe

One little guy who smiles, cries, grunts, stares
And what you see is what you get

No camouflage, no subterfuge, no pretences, no protection
Can I bear it?

Can I have the courage to keep looking into this mirror day after day?
Can I rediscover myself to meet that honesty?

My life throws up difficulties of simplicity
My self expands to encompass everything and fails

Yet I keep living each moment to my capacity
There is one to whom I am all he knows as okay

Where I have the power to define an entire world
I try that what he gets is what he sees in me.

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